Indorse, skill validation platform, which uses a global network of experts to assess the coding abilities of job seekers. The platform caters to both recruiters and candidates.

I was tasked with fixing the user journey for their "recruiter admin panel", which aimed to reduce on-boarding time and encourage recruiters to create an assessment. While the existing design had all the required components, it was too messy. There were one too many options and was overwhelming for a first time user. The drop off rate was higher right after sign up process. Users didn't know where to start.
Existing mobile experience
The existing mobile view for the platform is not user friendly at all. A lot of functions are inaccessible, unless you scroll. For a first time user, it is a confusing experience. Resulting in higher number of drop offs.
I worked with the business and marketing team together to figure out the business objectives and refined the user flow. ​​​​​​​
User Flow
​​​​​​​With more recruiters using Indorse on their handheld devices as they explore the platform, the company wanted to make sure its mobile experience was perfect.
Sign up process
​​​​​​​Redesigning the form for the small screen
People want to know what they’re getting themselves into. Our job was to make it very clear, no matter how small their screen.​​​​​​​ So we introduced an "on-boarding" step which set user's expectations. It included all the instructions for a first time user. As well as changed the assessment form to more intuitive format.
On-boarding screen and the new assessment form

Simplified the process of sharing the link with candidates after completing the form.
Creating and completing the assessment form
Managing the candidates on mobile
Sorting through whetted candidates is a relatively complicated business.
Originally designed for the desktop, making it work with the limitations of mobile was a challenge. The user research showed that the users viewed candidates in a pattern. So the process was simplified by separating sorting options and by adding smart parameters to the list, where candidates would be shown with a "best score - poor score" order.
Sorting options for candidates
Go to your profile
Get access to your account at one place. A one stop destination for the users to add more users, check on their credits and buy more.
Profile page
Final Thoughts
It's an ongoing project where we prioritised the mobile first experience. We will be focusing on implementing several new features and also simplifying the web experience along with it. 
We created high-fidelity prototypes for web and tested it with users. We are currently in the process of incorporating the feedback and implementing the designs. 
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