To highlight its complementary wireless in-flight entertainment system, SilkAir Studio, which is now available on all its aircraft, airline brand SilkAir launched a month-long activation campaign in Singapore.
Non-SilkAir travellers flying to Singapore were met at an overseas airport by SilkAir stewardesses and invited to participate in a poll to find out what their favourite ‘little joy’ in air travel was—be it in-flight meals, complimentary luggage allowance, on-board entertainment or seat selection. On completing the poll, they were offered a voucher to fly with SilkAir to enjoy these ‘little joys’ on their next trip and were also offered a special surprise, the Joy Pack.
Disguised as a box of chocolates, the pack, once opened, was revealed to be an innovative, portable in-flight entertainment screen that held engaging content like travel programmes, kids shows and TV comedies. The entertainment screen is essentially a flash drive with a built-in screen and player, with custom brand packaging—nifty! The campaign reached out to passengers at the airport already booked with other airlines.​​​​​​​

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